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Time and Chance

Where did the idea start?

In 2014, I received my first internship with INROADs. I met Corey Harris and Lawrence Watkins - I became great friends with each. Both were driven individuals with a hungry for knowledge and understanding of the world, let alone self. We started a mentorship business and each of us played a great part. Although the internship ended, the vision was still alive and was only in the makings.

Identity and Purpose

How was this idea molded into a vision?

During the summer of 2016, I spent my first summer alone amid many things going on in life - uncertainty of career, declining health, dysfunctional home, and the lack of knowledge of my own identity and purpose. I bought a camera after many suggested that I shouldn’t have. I embraced that gut feeling. I did it for me. Although I didn’t fully understand the camera, software, or even myself, together they would create the visions and words I manifested for a better life for myself. I trusted myself for once.

Will and Desire

What was your motivation to keep going?

The desire. All it takes is a desire. A thirst. A want to make it tangible and it’s possible. It’s attainable. Nothing you think is too big. No idea you have can’t be created. All of your power is within you. The journey to seeking the keys (because there are many aspects of yourself to unlock) vary on purpose. Pruning happens in many ways. Seek to understand more. Find peace with yourself. Be sound in your words. Be sound with you.

The Frame of Mind

Why do you continue to build on this?

Time alone is necessary. Understanding yourself and your interactions in the world is purpose. Purpose aligned with time and chance is fulfillment. There is power in self reflection. Each day, you have a choice to be whoever you want to be. You are never defined by society. You are allowed to change your perceptions of yourself as your perception of the world changes. You are allowed to become as great as you think you can be. You can change your world and create the life you want for yourself. There’s power in manifestation. Every single thing that you do starts with you. Every little thing about you are makings of you.

How you respond is a your choice in how you choose to create you. 

Be inspired by self-reflection.

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