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The Sound

My sound is inspired by a collective of great artists from different genres - but it’s definitely inspired by my upbringings. I grew up baptist and I am from the low-country where the Geechie-Gullah culture is prominent. Storytelling, hand claps, hums, soulful cries, and foot-stomps are the heart of genuine musical sounds that make work of arts. It speaks to the culture - for the culture. 

I played the drums in my church, with also having some experience on the piano and acoustic guitar. I sung on the choir growing up and even did all country chorus for a couple of years through middle school. After traveling to different states and gaining exposure about others, I was influenced by their music and grew to love new artists that my friends would put me on from time.

Check out these playlists created over time of some of my favorite artists and sounds.

Worship Vibes

Gospel/Worship Sounds

I love true worship sounds. I also love good old school, feet stomping, hand clapping music. Go to your quiet place for this playlist, you might upset your neighbors on this one.


Hip-Hop/Rap Sounds

This was my first playlist I made in college. This is a list of some of my favorites and most listened to tunes during that time. I’ll put this on when I want a nostalgic feel.

Chill Vibes

Soulful/Peaceful Sounds

I randomly came across these sounds and fell in love with them. Up to this day, I can find peace and just appreciate the great energy that this playlist brings. Some tea, a clean space, and a candle would be perfect for this one.

THEE List Vol. II

Hip-Hop/Rap Sounds

College was lit - I ain even gone lie! So to wrap up the good times, the first playlist needed a part two because I started growing in new ways. Find yourself and ride out on a good weekend to this one!


A Collection of Sounds

I did not know what to expect from adulthood. It was a mix of fun, priorities, depression - a little of everything. This playlist is a representation of that because I was just looking for peace at the time. I hope you find it.


A Collection of Sounds

I started finding my place in life so I created this from that inspiration. I felt like I finally had a space to think and appreciate where I was in life. This is just some good music - everybody closes their room door and enjoys the moment. Do that!


Hip-Hop/Rap Sounds

While on a car ride with a friend, we taught each other new music that nobody else knew about at the time. We both had different taste in music but always knew a common ground for great music. Find a friend a just ride out to life on this one.

Zoned Out

A Collection of Sounds

When I want to rap or sing the words non-stop, this playlist comes on. At the time I made it, these were some of my favorite songs to listen to while I did just about anything - work, shop, drive, walk. This one is probably a collection of all the playlists - but most especially, an easy go to for me!

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