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"Bags" - The Breakdown

On Nov. 26th, 2020, I released my first single - Bags.

Bags is an appreciation of life, mental health, and security of self to serve something much bigger than you.

Thank God for a vision, learning moments, and a story worth speaking towards. I finally decided to share my story with others that are wondering how Prodigy came to be. I’m very big on mental health and ensuring that as we go through life, we grow through life.

Read the full story of the makings of Prodigy & other self-reflective material. The story always starts with self. Feel free to check out my page, share the content, or register on my page to stay up to date as more content releases.

Stream Bags x Beats By P on all platforms today!

Thanks for the support & as always, be inspired by self reflection!

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