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Be Patient With Yourself


What's going on! How have you been?

I don't think we've spoken to each other since some time last year! It's been a while so Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Thanksgiving, all of that . . . and congratulations for surviving life - it's not easy but you wear it very well and have managed to make it this far. I think your journey of life is something to be proud of. Also, thank you for coming back! I feel like we always connect here as a safe space so let's jump into things. . .

It's February 1st so that means it's been one year since I rung the bell and beat cancer.

That's wild!! I've become unapologetic about sharing my story because other people need to hear the miracles and countless possibilities of life. It helps people. It gives them a little bit of light at the end of their tunnel. Although I know that my case has not been the outcome for everyone, there are some qualities I keep in mind that has assisted with my overall journey of life. One in particular is being patient with myself. I actually thought I was a fairly patient person but life can show you areas worth growing in for good reasons. One of the good reasons could be for a future moment of life - to help you gain clarity about how to work through parts of life you've never experienced before. All of this just adds to your value and makes you well-rounded. Walk with me. . .

In light of the Super Bowl approaching, I can imagine a football player putting themselves through rigid training to prepare for game day. They accept the pressures of the moment to be present for the future. Just like someone squeezing two pecans together to reveal the edible parts on the inside for nourishment, so does God when He applies the pressures of life on us to reveal what's on the inside - we just call it character. That moment reveals what's been growing on the inside of us for a later date - and furthermore, whatever is found on the inside takes time to grow. First, it has to be planted as a seed. Second, it should be nurtured so that it's well-rooted. Once it's fully grown, it is wisdom for you and nourishment for somebody else. Your gifts are not for you and your trials of life aren't always about you. You have to be willing to make sacrifices. You should educate yourself to have a fair approach of life. Great things take time! It's taking time for the color of my nails to revert to normal. It took time for my hair to grow back. It's taking time for me to lift weights in the way that I used to. It took time for me to develop my faith to even go through that moment of life. It took time for me to find the right doctors that could diagnose and treat. I think you get what I'm saying but if not, I'll say it straight for good measure:

It Takes Time - Great Things Take Time!

You have to be patient with yourself.

Life can move so fast and we can become so overwhelmed by all the things that are begging for our attention. Everyone has a story and trust me, beating cancer isn't the only miracle I've experienced. God works. If not anything, I believe He works through people. I know I'm not the only person to hear His voice. I know I haven't always been obedient to His word but through it all, I'm learning how to take my time and enjoy the walk with Him to become better. A brother of mine almost lost his life a few years ago. "The comeback is always sweeter" - those were his words during his recovery. He reminded me of those exact words years later when I started my process. Those words were planted as seeds. I believed them enough to nurture the thought. As a result, I'm experiencing it for myself. Great things take time. Keep trusting your journey. Don't discount your moments. Believe in yourself enough to know that life can be different for you - that life can get better for you. The game can change at any time and even then, you still have the power to overcome and transition into better. Be patient with yourself - you'll get there in due time.

All love & respect,

P | '06

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