Survivor 💜


This day means more to me than anyone could ever know!

I struggled to get here. I fought every day - multiple times a day & for many years. There were times I grew to hate myself - to hate my life. I've cried plenty times and gotten frustrated about not feeling like I could truly experience my own life. I’ve lost a lot but nothing I need for the present moment. I've been pruned to release some of my best work during this time and look forward to what God will allow me to do in life for others - towards His glory.

This Is My Story. . .

In 2021, I was diagnosed with Stage III Cancer - not even realizing that I was battling a rare cancer for a couple of years. My dad, mom, sister, brother-in-law, close family, friends, community, and complete strangers truly helped me make it through this journey - but, I attribute everything to God & His perfect plan over my life.

Of the cancer I had, there are only four stages.

I was coming close to battling the fourth where it would've overtaken my major organs like my lungs & heart. I really would have been dead had God not worked out life in the way He did for me. Doctors dictated my health complications as "my new normal" - saying I'd have to receive shots in my stomach each day for the rest of my life. I denied that - stating that God would heal my body just as He told me He would. I could barely stomach food and would struggle completing small tasks through each day. I was told multiple times that I would be eating from a feeding tube. I denied that as well - stating that I'd be eating with a fork and spoon like a “normal” 26-year-old. As for survival, I was only supposed to live for five years - however, I survived for six years & received my healing in my seventh. God had the doctors confused about the results they saw - stating that they only wanted to see how much progress I was making, not anticipating the cancer to be gone!

If you question if God is real, I've experienced Him for myself. I'm going to let you know that He knows how imperfect you are and still wants to use you towards His perfect plan. I also want to let you know that when you go in prayer and receive a promise from God, He will allow you to experience it. He does not lie. Nothing can stop what God has aligned for you in life - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

These reflections will forever stick with me as I grow through life:

Just keep going. Challenges are expected. The moment is to be accepted. Never stay stuck on something. Never stay stuck in something. Bump what others think. Pray for people who don't fool up with you - they are God's problem, not yours - but be mindful that they are also God's creation, just like you. Focus on where God is trying to take you - and if you have no idea where you are going, just keep walking. If you feel like it's taking too long, He's preparing something so much better for you and protecting you from more than you can even realize. If you stumble, at least that means you’re moving in some direction. Give some grace, especially to yourself. Extend love and help others. Breathe life on something. Be light to someone - & if you don’t have nothing positive to say or value to add, mind your mouth and mind your own business. Don't take life too personally. Be sure to rest. Rest is just as important as the run. Trust God and His Plan for your life. He will never leave you - your life matters. I know that because He the took time to create each of us.

God is everything and all you will ever need! The world can't do you no harm! Be at peace with yourself before looking for peace from the world - once you find it within, you'll never have a reason to go looking. God is unmatched! With Him on your side, you can make it through anything and you can do ALL things! Most of all, be present. Appreciate who you are and who you are becoming. Allot room for God to work in your life and release control over your own desires - He ultimately knows what's best for you. Considering it's in His will for you life, you'll get it anyway - so stop worrying over a future you have absolutely no control over.

Put your trust in God, not man.

Nothing I did for these past years have been due to my own strength - many days I didn't have the energy to even do for myself or make it out of bed - but one thing's for certain, I kept my faith and my fight - even if it meant struggling through it. This is not about me, but to anyone struggling or battling anything in life privately. I pray peace over your mind and situation. I pray for full recovery for all of your losses. I hope you find peace within and heal from everything you've been through so you can continue to grace this world with your magic. You matter and you will get through this - in God's perfect timing - you will overcome! No problem, crisis, or life event ever happens in vain. No time is ever truly wasted in the kingdom. It all works together in the end.

Our Master's Plan is THEE MASTER PLAN!

Now, what's next? I don't know. I never knew to be honest. As I'm living, reflecting, and sharing stories, I'm learning just like you. I'm just walking - hoping I can help the next person despite my shortcomings. I never had it all - never wanted this life - never wanted the problems that came with me - never asked for these gifts but God gave them to me anyway. With that being said, I am going to make full use of all that He gave me! Whatever He decides to do in my life works just fine. Whatever is next is up to Him and I say that confidently because I know that I'm in His care! I truly believe that uncommon things happen to us for others to see and believe in new possibilities - to gain a greater perspective of how BIG God truly is - that our lives are truly not our own, but purposely intertwined with others. He continues to keep me, cover me, protect me, heal me, guide me, and bless me! Since I'm being honest, I can say I don't truly deserve any of it - proof of God's grace.

The realization is this - if you saw another person being you and doing all that you do with all that you have going on in your life, you'd be jealous & wishing that could've been you because all you see is how they continously overcome the things in life that should've taken them out - not even realizing that you're already doing the same thing.

I am a cancer survivor! 💜


Song of My Life

"Your Will" x Darius Brooks

All Love & Respect,



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