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Lucky Number Seven Is Live!

Updated: Nov 30, 2021


In respect of #MusicMonday & #MindfulMonday, it’s Nov. 15th & “Lucky Number Seven” is live on all streaming platforms!

This project has finally come to life in its own time - no matter you go through in life, just keep going - I promise you, your life is well worth it! I’ve updated my website with some dope updates including different ways for everyone to stream “Lucky Number Seven” - along with former singles - & additional playlists that include music that inspire my sounds.

I named myself “Beats By P” on purpose - I want to be known for my beats and unique sound. Music is a form of self-expression but it also gives me a peace of mind. I hope I can share that experience with you today! Special thanks goes to my tribe for listening and providing feedback on my beats - & most especially, to Bernie Williams who “need his beats made by P” - this project would not be the same without any of your support!

If you’re on your grind, riding in the car, needing a minute to yourself, wanting to rap/sing your heart out, cleaning your house from top to bottom, taking a walk through the day, or simply just practicing better mental health - throw this on and let me know what tracks you’re vibing with!!

Gone and run it up for me!!

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