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28 | Twenty Great Realizations

Another Year - Another Blessing! Aye, Let's Get It!


I'm going to keep this as light as I can. For this birthday there's no book, no music, no crazy content, but material. Honest material. Life material. All of us are walking through life together and it's interesting that some of us are hesitant to share. It's safe here - so let me share some things with you and hopefully you'll find something that can help you through life. For my 28th birthday, God has really been dealing with me about releasing: Twenty Great Realizations.

It's basically a list of concepts that have shaped my mind as I walk through life. Some of these had to grow on me. Some of these came from others around me. I didn't always have it. I did not always think like this. Some of these truths I kept as thoughts but never lived out. I wanted others to validate it - in other words, so-and-so doesn't think like that or do this so why should I? That robbed me of years that I can't get back so I'm going to pay it forward. Never let others rob you of an honest life, a sound way of thinking, or your own blessing. Sometimes we can be our own devil and it's up to us to mature in ways that will lead us to hold ourselves accountable for the person we want to become. I need to give yal these gems because it's hot off the press - I feel it. Some of these gems will only work for certain seasons in your life so you have to discern where you are and what makes sense to apply for your moment of time.

You ready? Let's get it in! Walk with me. . .

Twenty Great Realizations

  1. The greatest peace you could ever have is a peace of mind. It's gold that the world can't see and with that in mind, they can't steal it from you.

  2. Your relationship with God determines your relationship with yourself and is often how you view/treat others. When you're honest with God, you'll be honest with yourself.

  3. Life is only as great as you make it. It's up to you to shape your life how you want it to be.

  4. People come and go - that's life. Learn how to be your best friend - that's loyalty.

  5. Manners will take you further than money ever could. My 8th grade math teacher told me that and I stuck with it. I wouldn't change a thing. Life really unfolded.

  6. Write when your mind is cluttered. Read when you don't know where to begin.

  7. There are people in your life who truly love you. Embrace the moments you get with them and share deep laughs. You will never get that time back.

  8. Whatever you're working on in your head is going to look different once you begin. Don't worry about it being perfect to start. Work with what you have.

  9. Pray. Always prays. Let that be a constant thing you do throughout the day, not just when you're in need of something.

  10. Listen. There is always somebody that knows something that you don't know. There's also a lot you don't know that you don't know.

  11. Learn. Always position yourself to be a student in the game of life. When it's your turn, show them what you know. Don't hold back on being great!

  12. Wisdom isn't gained by experience but through understanding. You can experience the same outcome many times because you lack understanding. Understanding will give you the knowledge to maneuver experiences for your desired outcome.

  13. Spend money on things that are worth you getting your time back. Some people refer to these as investments.

  14. You're entitled to have a mind of your own. Never let someone come in your life and set the pace. You are in your own lane, in your own car, living your own life - don't be pressured by a soul. If someone wants you to do something, tell them to "do it" - they have their own lane, own car, and own life. Why would you give them yours?

  15. Don't work to be perfect. Just be yourself and you'll find out why you were worth being created and what you were created to solve. Don't try to solve your assignment, serve it!

  16. Do what YOU do well. Don't worry about nothing or nobody else when you are in your craft. You have to birth the vision God gave you and know the audience you were graced to impact. They can do that over there but not over here. Nah, we don't play that on this end.

  17. When you deviate from yourself - if you ever catch yourself not liking the person you're becoming - remember, you can change your life at any point in time. God is consistent about change. Nobody who ever encountered Him remained the same - so, what makes you think that you will?

  18. Life really does get better. It's a chosen mindset. I promise, you'll bump into some amazing people in your life if you remain true to yourself. Don't let the world turn you cold and don't let failed relationships define you.

  19. Sometimes you might have to prove yourself because people don't know you in the way that you've gotten to know yourself. Do it with class and grace, not bitterness or disrespect. There is somebody out there who is worth getting to know you.

  20. If you were invited to the table, bring something. If don't have anything, present yourself. Never come empty handed. Don't try to be someone that you're not. The best seat to have at the table is a new perspective so be that and represent that well.