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I did not grow up seeing many African-American males read or write - but I always believed I could change that narrative. I did not necessarily like the traditional sense of reading - for the sake of being quizzed as a result of a summer read - but I enjoyed the reflective dialogue that emerged from those readings. Writing was healing for me. I could pencil down a thought and after a couple years, I would often see how that simple writing was soon manifested into a lifestyle or work of art. Writing was almost like a promise to myself. Reading it meant that I needed to take time to comprehend what I was speaking to myself. In turn, all of this gave me better understanding of self.

Life is filled with concepts - analogies and methophors that spark wisdom when translated in a way for others to be able to receive it. These are life changing words - rather than trying to change the world, examine yourself and look for opportunities worth changing. Only then will you truly be able to influence others in the world.

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Starting Over

Talks With My Father

In 2021, I was diagnosed with Stage III Cancer - not even realizing that I had a rare cancer for a couple of years. Getting diagnosed didn't shake me - my faith was strong that God would heal my body and He told me that He would do it prior to finishing treatment. He did exactly that! I got my healing! God had the doctors confused about the results they saw - stating that they only wanted to see how much progress I was making, not anticipating the cancer to be gone!

Now, what's next? I don't know. I never knew to be honest. I'm just walking - hoping I can help the next person despite my shortcomings. I never had it all - never wanted this life - never wanted the problems that came with me - never asked for these blessings but God gave them to me any how. So I am going to make full use of all He gave me!

This is my story of how I overcame Stage III cancer. This is my story of how I had to adopt a new mindset of starting over.

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Notes II Self

Analogies and Metaphors

This was my first book I'd ever written and published. I don't even view this as a book but as a voice of reason - the contents within this book are going to keep me grounded and reminded about the path I decided to take in life.

It pays to be aware of yourself and what’s guiding you in life. Many people are often lost because they lack the knowledge of what’s guiding their ways and thoughts. When you have a moment to spend time with and examine your leading voice, it will bring out something in you that will bring clarity in your life in a variety of ways. As we progress as young adults, we are naturally drawn to become something — to become someone. 

This is a great read for anyone looking to understand the world beyond themselves. To the people who are in pursuit of changing the world with small seeds and acts of kindness—you have a gift. You have a life. Most of all, you have a purpose.

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